The Value Orientations (VO) is based on the Spiral Dynamics model and assesses a person’s level of awareness, worldviews and the organising frameworks on which their perceptions, decisions, emotional responses and behaviour are based.

Holistic. Insightful. Effective.


30-45 minutes


Online assessment of “values” and worldview and detailed report

Some more detail

The Value Orientations (VO) reveals an individual’s worldviews, their assumptions about life and perceptual orientations. Value systems represent “core intelligences” and act as a decision-making framework that guides behaviour and life choices. Value systems thus provide a structure for thinking, act as organizing principles, and guide an individual’s modes of adaptation to the world.


Advantages of using the VO include:

  • A sound theoretical basis anchored in the work of leading theorists
  • Applicability at both micro- and macro-levels
  • Validity and reliability
  • Relatively non-transparent item-content and it is therefore not easily manipulated
  • A quick and easy assessment methodology
  • Automated reporting
  • Explanations of both strengths and weaknesses of all profile combinations
  • Indications of typical stress related behaviour
  • Applicability in culturally diverse environments