The Motivational Profile (MP) uses archetypes or metaphors to assess a person’s motivational drivers, aspects of emotional functioning (EQ), energy themes, defence mechanisms and various personality aspects (such as the Enneagram) for purposes of placement, development and coaching. The MP also indicates aspects of a personal psychological functioning that may derail job performance in certain roles.

Comprehensive. Simple. Perceptive.


30-45 minutes


Online assessment of motivational drivers and detailed report

Some more detail

The Motivational Profile (MP) is an atypical online psychometric tool designed to assess various aspects of motivational, emotional and transpersonal functioning. Methodologically, it consists of the selection and manipulation of typical metaphors or roles to describe one’s functioning in the contexts of “work”, “relationships” and “life in general”. It provides information on a person’s life scripts, shadow index, energy themes, dynamic personality patterns, defence mechanisms, motivational patterns, “persona” and projected EQ.


The advantages of using the MP include:

  • Quick and easy automated assessment and reporting
  • It is non-transparent and not easily manipulated
  • It is fun to complete
  • The MP is based on a variety of theoretical models in psychology
  • The results reflect certain aspects of subconscious functioning and awareness