Motivational Profile (MP) Training

A pre-requisite for attendance of the MP workshop is a professional registration in psychology or psychometry and work experience in HR, counselling, consulting and/or coaching. Previous exposure to and use of assessment techniques in an integrative and holistic manner is thus required. Knowledge of depth psychology and Jungian theory is particularly useful.

Comprehensive. Simple. Perceptive


1 week


Study book

Course content

  • The issue of psychometric assessment
  • The measurement of motivation, personality and emotional intelligence
  • The underlying theoretical models
  • The methodological approach used
  • The constructs measured, include:
    • Life script
    • Shadow index
    • Motivation
    • Dynamic personality patterns and defense mechanisms as based on the Enneagram
    • Energy themes
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Personality
    • Leadership implications
  • The manner in which the MP results can be used in a coaching context as well as team context, are also addressed


Certification takes place with successful demonstration of an understanding of the theory and practical implications of the motivational constructs after completion of a two day MP training course as well as additional independent exploration of related theoretical models.