The Learning Orientation Index (LOI) is a computerised simulation exercise or “game” (which is not a standard ability test) that externalises and tracks information processing preferences and cognitive skills. It has been designed for school leavers and graduates for purposes of career guidance, development and selection or bursary allocation.

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Approximately 1–2 hours


Online cognitive assessment and detailed report

Some more detail

The Learning Orientation Index (LOI), is an online, supervised assessment technique that was developed by Dr M Prinsloo from Cognadev Ltd. This online assessment externalises and tracks a person’s thinking skills according to thousands of measuring points. It is self-administered and supervised and involves an “alchemist/scientist/artist” doing certain experiments to achieve certain results. These experiments are not scientific in nature, but are common sensical and fun to do. Initially, the experimentation takes place in a structured and linear manner.

As the person progresses, the challenges become less rule-based and more complex, intuitive, creative and the information more ambiguous and fuzzy. It is important for professionally registered and LOI accredited practitioners to provide feedback and/or LOI reports to assessment candidates.


The LOI Report has been developed to validly and reliably reflect the following aspects of an individual’s cognitive and learning orientation:

  • The level of complexity an individual prefers to work at
  • Cognitive styles and modes of information processing, a most suitable study- and work environment
  • Information processing competencies
  • Internalised metacognitive criteria
  • Learning potential
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses in thinking

The LOI aims to provide optimal direction to recruiters, academic institutions and test subjects regarding the most suitable study fields, work environments as well as developmental initiatives for school and university leavers.