Learning Orientation Index (LOI) Training

A pre-requisite for attendance of the LOI workshop is professional registration with a relevant psychological governing organisation, completion of the LOI assessment, experience in psychometrics or psychological assessments and the application of an integrative and holistic approach in the use assessments. You also require to have completed the CPP training. Experience in the field of career guidance would also be useful.

Discover talent. Develop potential.


2 days


Training manual

Course content

This 2-day training workshop addresses:

the broader psychometric assessment and career guidance contexts from a holistic perspective

related theoretical models

the nature and development of the LOI

cognitive constructs measured by the LOI including:

  • Cognitive Style
  • Complexity preferences and capabilities
  • Learning Potential
  • Information processing competencies
  • Metacognitive criteria
  • Developmental guidelines

The course aims to assist the practitioner to develop the ability to interpret results, give effective feedback on the LOI results, and apply the results in an ethical within the educational or work contexts for selection, guidance or developmental purposes.


Certification takes place with successful demonstration of an understanding of the theory and practical implications of the cognitive constructs.

Since the constructs of the CPP and LOI overlap, CPP accreditation contributes towards LOI licensing. A one day LOI training course applies for licensed CPP practitioners. Like for the CPP, there is a compulsory refresher workshop for updates on recent developments on the LOI.