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We offer workforce development programmes and assist companies to advance their employees. Our psychological, cognitive and values / culture programmes are targeted at CEOs, managers or anyone else who may be interested to transform their thinking, interpersonal understanding and leadership effectiveness.

We aim at creating measurable change by targeting meta awareness - the linchpin of personal development and behavioural change.

More about the courses on offer

Cognadev’s development programmes represent unique methodologies. Assessment results are used to inform the training requirements. The techniques used, capitalise on metacognitive criteria, self-generation, process-oriented-psychology, group dynamics, job-related content and behaviouristic principles.

In addition to the usual benefits of training, including that of personal growth, enhanced motivation and the acquisition of certain skills, the development courses are unique in terms of their emphasis on a fit between individual and job requirements – thereby directly impacting on competence within the work environment and the transfer of newly acquired skills to everyday job functioning.

Emotional Intelligence

This 2 day workshop on Emotional intelligence addresses a crucial, albeit often neglected...

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Systems and Strategic Thinking

The 3-day “Systems and strategic thinking” course offered by Cognadev aims...

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Analytical Thinking Skills

Cognitive development involves the refinement of an individual’s current thinking skills and the...

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Values and Leadership

Cognadev’s two-day course on value orientations and creative leadership is aimed at helping delegates...

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