Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) Training

A prerequisite for attendance of the CCM workshop is a sound tertiary educational background and work experience in HR. Professional registration is not a prerequisite. Previous exposure to, and use of psychometric tests is a bonus and will enhance understanding and application of the product. Knowledge of the CPP instrument is most useful, hence the recommendation to attend the 2 day CPP training course prior to CCM training.

Facilitated. Automated. Integrated.


2 days


Training manual

Course content

The CCM course explains and demonstrates the online questionnaire-based job-analysis system to HR practitioners and Consultants by which they can facilitate job experts to clarify work-related competency requirements. Cognitive, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Functional competencies are measured.

The CCM also provides a person-job matching facility to optimise organisational structuring, as well as people placement and development initiatives.

The results

  • develop competence in understanding for interpreting the various CCM reports in an informed and ethical manner.
  • to enhance the practitioner’s skill in integrating the CCM findings with additional information provided by 360 degree and other psychometric assessment results.
  • to implement CCM results to ensure optimal people-job fit.
  • The above information is critical to inform personal-, team- and organisational development and transformational initiatives and to explore growth opportunities.