Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) Training

A pre-requisite for attendance of CPP course is a professional registration in psychology or psychometrics and work experience in HR, counselling, consulting and/or coaching. Previous exposure to and use of assessment techniques in an integrative and holistic manner is thus required.

Innovative. Dynamic. Valid.


3 days


Training manual

Course content

The issue of psychometric assessment from a holistic perspective

Cognitive assessment methodologies

The theoretical model on which the CPP is based

Test constructs reported on including:

  • Cognitive Style
  • SST level of work
  • Learning Potential
  • Speed and Pace
  • The leadership requirements of various contexts
  • Strengths and development areas
  • Job-related processing preferences and capabilities
  • Complexity and the Unit of information used
  • Additional Observations
  • Developmental guidelines

The results

The application of the CPP constructs in the work environment is addressed.

The course involves theoretical and practical work. The research findings are discussed.

A CPP training manual is provided.

Certification and accreditation takes place with successful demonstration of an understanding of the theory and practical implications of the cognitive constructs.