The Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) tool is an online job or role analysis method that is used to evaluate work complexity and work-related competency requirements in terms of the Stratified Systems Theory (SST). The tool is used for person-job matching, job structuring and talent management.

Facilitated. Automated. Integrated.


1-2 hours


Online assessment of competency requirements, detailed report, person-job match, comparison CPP report

Some more detail

The Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) tool is a questionnaire-based software system for networked environments that is used to determine the Stratified System Theory (SST) level, as well the competency requirements of a position. It is often used to guide a facilitated discussion with job experts. The assessment results of individuals and teams can be linked to the competency requirements of work to determine the degree of team- or person-job matching.


Uses and applications of the CCM includes:

  • Reporting on the competency requirements and SST level of work of a position
  • Calculation and graphic representation of team- or person-job matches in terms of required job competencies
  • Developmental guidelines for individuals and teams
  • An item analysis summary to understand performance expectations of job incumbents
  • Organisational mapping indicating the SST levels of jobs, job structures and the competency levels of staff – to inform job restructuring and succession initiatives
  • Intellectual capital management and talent auditing
  • Succession planning and career pathing