Remote administration of the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) assessment

March 24, 2020 | By Marlouise Ferreira

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The Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) is an advanced computerised assessment technique that externalises and tracks thinking processes to indicate a person’s cognitive preferences and capabilities.

To ensure conducive and standardised assessment conditions for the completion of the CPP, the assessment needs to be completed under the supervision of an accredited CPP practitioner. However, there are certain instances where in-person administration and supervision, which is preferred, may not be possible. This is where remote supervision and administration comes in handy.

Remote supervision can take place via a video-conferencing application such as Skype and Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

This blog article outlines the process for setting up a remote assessment as well as for administering the CPP assessment when supervision takes place remotely.


The process to be followed when setting up a remote assessment:

Here is a high-level outline of the process that an accredited CPP practitioner can follow:

  • Send the candidate an email providing information and details on the CPP assessment beforehand, attaching the CPP “data release consent form” to be completed and signed by the candidate. An example of such an email can be found below:


Hi there,

I hope this email finds you well.

This email concerns the CPP assessment that you will be completing for Company X. Please be kind enough to check each point below in advance. The CPP is a supervised assessment and a facilitator will join you at the time of the assessment to assist you via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

What is the CPP?

The CPP, or the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) is a computerised assessment technique which tracks a person’s thinking processes to determine their thinking skills and preferences. The results are used for HR purposes such as person-job matching, career pathing and development. The CPP tasks are unfamiliar.

Preparation for the assessment

Could you please do the following as soon as you have time, in order to ensure that we have no problems on the morning of the assessment:

1. Please sign and return the attached “data release form”. It is a consent form permitting us to assess you and to access your results.

2. Please ensure that you have a quiet place to complete the assessment.

3. Please ensure that you have a laptop or computer on which to complete the assessment and on which I can supervise you. (If you have a Mac (Apple) computer, please use Google Chrome for the assessment on Mac.) You may also need earphones and an external mouse.

4. Please make sure that you get a good night’s rest before the assessment. If you are ill or not feeling well, it is advisable not to do the assessment. It is always possible to reschedule.

5. Please put the following link into Google Chrome to see if you have all the required software for the assessment. (Please note that all the ticks should be green. If you do not have the necessary software installed on the computer, there will be a red X and you will need to download the necessary software) http://live.cognadev.com/cpp/compcheck.html

6. Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection (not a 3G connection) in order to complete your assessment.

7. Candidates may take 1 to 3 hours for the assessment as they work at their own pace. There is thus no time limitation for this assessment. You are, however, advised to set aside a minimum of 3 hours for your assessment.

8. Please indicate your availability to complete the CPP assessment. You can provide me with the dates and times that suit you. The CPP should preferably be done in the morning, ideally before 10:00 am.


Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Kind regards,

(Test administrator)


  • Set up the video conference meeting with the candidate by sending through a meeting invite to the candidate which contains the details to join in on the video conference call.
  • Create a CPP assessment nomination as one would normally do. Send through the assessment nomination email to the candidate on the morning of the assessment.


The process to be followed when administering the CPP assessment remotely:

On the day of the remote CPP assessment, a CPP accredited practitioner can follow these steps to ensure that the administration goes well:

  • Ask the candidate to activate their microphone and video camera. Also ask the candidate to switch off their cell phones and other devices, in order to limit disturbances or interruptions.
  • Ask the candidate to go to the assessment nomination which was sent through to them via email.
  • Instruct them to click on the blue ‘Start assessment’ button found at the bottom of the assessment nomination email. Should this button not work, have the candidate use the candidate.cognadev.com link to access the CPP assessment where they will then need to fill in the access key. Both the website link and the access key can be found below the ‘Start assessment’ button at the bottom of the nomination email.
  • When opening up the assessment, upon clicking on ‘Start assessment’, please confirm with the candidate that the assessment is opening in Google Chrome. If this is not the case, ask them to copy the link from the address bar and instead open it in Google Chrome, where they can then paste the link from the previous address bar. The reason being that Google Chrome saves the previously completed results should there be an internet connection problem.
  • Take the candidate through all of the preparation screens. This includes the following: 1) Tick that they are not a robot, 2) click on get started, 3) agree with the data release and proceed, 4) have the candidate fill in their personal information, 5) the candidate will also need to confirm their personal information by selecting OK.
  • The next screen should ask of the candidate to fill in the Supervisor Key. Either read out the Supervisor Key to the candidate or send the Key via the Skype message box (Test administrators can ensure that they have the Supervisor Key with them before commencing with the Skype session).
  • Take the candidate through the remaining preparation screens. This will include the following: 6) The selection of the game language and login screen, 7) the CPP compatibility analyser. With this analyser, the candidate will need to complete the soundcheck and confirm that all requirements are in place.
  • If the sound volume is too low, ask the candidate to adjust the volume level on their computer settings.
  • Once the candidate has continued, the CPP game will start loading.
  • Whilst the game loads, you can provide the candidate with a brief outline of the assessment. Thus, providing them with the test instructions.
  • The final preparation screen is the Candidate Questions. Go through the questions with the candidate. Focusing specifically on the first question which asks the candidate to agree that they have been informed of the possible consequences of doing the CPP. This question ensures that the candidate is doing and feeling fine on the assessment day.
  • Ask the candidate to tick off all of the other applicable questions.
  • Should the candidate be colour blind, please provide them with the aid for colour-blind candidates. This aid can be shared via the Skype message box.
  • Explain to the candidate that they can watch the instruction video to review the test instructions.
  • Once the candidate has gone through the instruction video, ask them to tick off that they have watched the video. Thereafter, the Start Game button will appear.
  • Before the candidate commences with the CPP, explain to them that for the duration of the assessment your own microphone and video camera will be switched off. The reason for you to switch off their microphone and video camera is to avoid disturbing them. However, ask the candidate to kindly leave on their microphone and video camera so that you can continue with supervising them.
  • If for some reason there are a lot of disturbances on the candidate’s end, kindly remind them that the CPP requires them to concentrate well; they really do need to complete the assessment in a quiet room or surroundings.


Should any test administrators have further questions or need technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@cognadev.com or +27 11 884 0878.