1. Definition

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1. Definition

Summed Binary Percent Person-Target-Profile Matching is no more than summing the number of attributes in a person’s vector of attributes which match a class or ordered category target profile consisting of multiple attributes, then dividing through by the total number of attributes in that target profile, and expressing the result as a percentage.


That is, a match is simply counted as 1 (a match) where a person's attribute category, or attribute score/rank falls within the bounds set in the target profile. Usually a match is no more a than 'present or absent' indicator, as in matching target soft-skills against those extracted using natural language processing from an individual's CV, or text-fragments of their social media activity.


For example, given we have 10 attributes assessed in total, with 5 selected as a Target Profile, and 3 which match target attributes in a Person’s profile:




The match % is calculated as: