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Cognadev is a global provider of assessment & development tools and consulting-services for talent identification, recruitment, assessment, and workforce analytics/deployments. It was founded in 1994 by Dr Maretha Prinsloo to address an expressed need in the market for a new generation of unique, fair and valid ways in which to holistically assess the psychological and work-related functioning and cognitive potential of individuals and teams.

Our focus is on excellent service delivery and continuous innovation engineered to optimise organisational strategies for the recruitment, selection and development of people while addressing major areas of talent and workforce strategies such as team building, organizational and job structuring, leadership succession, organizational culture, and volume assessment of candidates and employees. Over the years we have serviced hundreds of international organizations including Global Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, and educational institutions.


Our online assessments are automated and include deep-structure gamified simulations and exercises. The assessment reports are scored automatically using expert-system algorithms and embedded semantic analytics. The assessment results are holistic, integrated and contextualised in terms of specific work requirements so as to ensure optimal people-work matching.

Cognadev is committed to research and development; continuously evaluating and developing new and improved products, reports, and solutions in order to deliver leading-edge competitive people-management solutions. You can read more about us and exactly what we do on our brochure.

The Individual

Assessment results inform career, educational and personal development decisions; enhance self-insight; build confidence; hone and actualise talent.

The Consultant

Assessment results address, clarify and simplify HR challenges; synthesise people skill and work requirements; contextualise talent to enhance system and team functioning; and leverage talent.

The Organisation

Assessment results inform change initiatives and limit people risks; optimise people effectiveness; ensure strategic competitiveness and contribute to organizational sustainability.


Organisational Culture & Team Development

Using the VO and the CCM 360 degree amongst other assessments, we assist companies to determine the organisational and team culture to inform talent management initiatives aimed at managing values, diversity and inclusion as well as to optimise team compilation.

Leadership Identification, Development and Succession

We provide assessments of leadership potential using different batteries for strategic and operational roles, conduct people-job matching, create people development initiatives, and help reinforce leadership behaviour in terms of organisational values.

Performance Evaluation and Appraisals

The organisation needs to understand its structure, people requirements and the available talent; we help in this process by initially conducting discussions with line managers and mentors, and then deploying and analyzing the data from our Contextualised Competency Mapping 360-degree customised performance appraisal questionnaire.

Intellectual Capital Management & Learning Agility

Using the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), the Learning Orientation Index (LOI) and the Contextualized Competency Mapping (CCM) tools and a suitable work complexity model, the current and potential cognitive capability of people can be determined to identify “High Potentials” and to inform talent management through selection, placement, development and succession.

Competency Analysis & Job- and Organisational Structuring

Using the Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM) tool, we consult with the executive regarding more appropriate divisional structures, roles, economies of scale, integration of competing functions, and analytics to ultimately optimise person-job matching and therefore employee engagement.

Talent Management and People Analytics

We specialize in assisting clients with managerial and HR issues that arise during Talent Management processes. In addition, we can advise and create innovative computational solutions for workforce and predictive analytics using a variety of machine-learning and actuarial methodologies.


Cognadev has developed dynamic, valid, online psychological assessments for the purposes of talent management, leadership development, recruitment and selection. Our psychometric solutions measure cognition (but are not standard ability tests), job complexity, values, awareness, organisational culture, motivation, personality and job-related competencies.

Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)

Learning Orientation Index (LOI)

Value Orientations (VO)

Motivational Profile (MP)

Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM)

Integrated Competency Report (ICR)


Volume Assessment System

Cliquidity offers an integrated and automated screening solution that can be customised according to client needs. It provides several online assessments to individuals and organisations to optimise employment opportunities, create virtual talent pools and to guide people decisions.

Cliquidity allows companies to search for and connect with potential job candidates and pre-screen them using quick, but sophisticated assessments. Mass nominations can be created for this purpose. On completion of the assessments, reports are immediately available for download. As Cliquidity captures relevant personal, educational and career related information, it can be used to automatically search for and sort job applications.



Interested? We’ll provide you with the assessments, insights and developmental initiatives to overcome your business and HR challenges.

Our facilitators could recommend processes and assist you to implement these to address your particular people and organisational needs.